How to Play

     Avatar Star or AS is a 3D shooting game that combines TPS, FPS, RPG genre together. By combining the strengths of each genre and mixing them into Avatar Star games with characters that are cute, bright, easy to play, uncomplicated content There is also freedom, especially about dressing up the drama. That is the highlight for this game Which is more outstanding than the shooting game That is because players can make up the character’s face, from hairstyles to shoes. In a unique way Or even dress up to imitate those super heroes !!!

     With the aura of the RPG game, there are both levels and careers to choose to play together. 3 professions have skills and stats up. In addition, there are still regular quests and daily quests. Each profession has different skills and weapons. The battlefield is well designed. No side has a disadvantage. With all 3 modes of play includingDeathmatch (TDM): Who is not the one to kill the child.Capture the Fort (KOTH): The Giant Giant Fort Seize it for victoryFlying the Flag (DMN): Flying the flag to the top of the pole Bring the score to our teamTreasure Hunt (CTT): There is only one treasure. Each side is usurped.Victory from the battlefield gives you good items to upgrade your character. In addition, there is also a system to buy – sell, exchange items via auction. And of course, in the future there will be new systems, including new modes or maps for friends to have more fun together